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Have you ever considered the fact that some of God’s blessings are conditional?  In many instances God requires an act of faith on our part before he can give his blessing. This act of faith is a work of faith, as James says in James 2:18,”…I will shew thee my faith by my works”.  For example, look at this often quoted scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and see the condition that God requires for his blessing.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

“IF” my people will do these things “THEN” I will bless you.  With the word “if” God is saying his people have an opprotunity to be healed both physically and spiritually but first they have to make a decision or a choice.  They must choose to change their life and in so doing they know God will grant his blessing.  This would be and act (work) of faith.

With this work of faith God does what only he can do.  We can’t forgive our own sins and we can’t heal a land.   Another point here is that what God does is for our own good, a blessing to us.  God doesn’t do this for us because he carries the bigger stick, but because he love us and wants us to have joy and comfort as only he can give.  Only he can forgive us our sins against him and give us salvation and an entrance into his kingdom and eternal life.  Only he can heal our land and drive out the evil that plagues us (contrary to what politician’s say they can do with their endless empty promises).


Another well known scripture is Isaiah 58.  Read this short chapter and see what God will do if we make the choice to change our life.  Note that IF we do the fast that God has chosen THEN a reward, or blessing, is given.  But the blessing he gives is to make us a fruitful servant for him, to serve others.  His reward is to make us a blessing.

We  cannot serve God for ourselves, for our own reward.  If we serve God for ourself then obviously we are not serving God.  God doesn’t love us for his sake, but for our sake.  In the same manner if he is in us of a truth then we will  be a blessing to others, a conduit through which he can love his creation.  This is why the prosperity message of many preachers today is so wrong.  That message is self-centered and deceiving and is no way matches the example we have in Christ Jesus.  Jesus didn’t serve his Father for a fine home and money.

Does not the scripture in Matthew 25 tell us we will be judged (for reward)  by our service to others (Mt 25:31-46) when they are hungry, naked, sick or in prison?  We will not be judged for reward by the size of our TV, our clothes, fancy car or a big house.  The prosperity teaching and entitlement mentality being propagated today are two sides of the same coin of self.  Both will lead to destruction.  The Christian caught up in this false self-serving doctrine will say to himself, “I am rich, and increased in goods, and have need of nothing”.  He needs to know that he is “wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked” before God.

The choices are ours to make.  God cannot break his own laws set down in the beginning.  IF we sow to our own lusts (the unspoken truth of the prosperity message) THEN we will reap the consequences.  IF we sow to meeting the needs of others we will reap the consequences for those actions.  For one of God’s fundamental laws from the beginning is that we will reap what we sow (Gal 6:7).

[For those who believe they are entitled to be rich and that the government will hand them the substance of life, they will easily receive the “mark of the beast” which will come with the one world government being pushed on us today.  With the mark of the best comes government control with which no man is able to buy or sell (Rev 13:17).  Satan wants to control and govern God’s creation, it’s been his goal since the beginning (Isa 14:13-14).  Satan has world politicians and world bankers leading his charge to this end and multitudes will fall into his trap.]


In the message to the church at Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22) Jesus shows us that in this last of the church age we will think highly of our own accomplishments (encouraged by the prosperity message).  He then bebukes us and tells us how pitiful we really are in his eyes and what changes we need to make in our life (vs 18).  In verse 19 he says , “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:  be zealous therefore, and repent.”  IF we examine our life and repent, THEN he says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock…”  That’s what he was doing in the previous verses, knocking.  He says, “If any man hear my voice and open the door…”  There’s that word again, “IF”.  So if we receive this knocking on the door of our heart and open that door by our repentance and change, THEN he will come in and sup with us and because of this overcoming he will grant us to sit with him on his throne (vs 20-21),  It’s our choice.  This is no small thing.  The temptations to keep our eyes off God’s calling in this present age are without president in our history.


This Laodicean church age will have near its end the manifestation of the sons of God (Rom 8:19) before Jesus returns to put an end to Satan’s goal.  This will be the time when those who answer the Father’s call will walk with the same manifestation of his Spirit as Jesus walked 2000 years ago in Israel.  The whole creation is waiting for the Christian to show forth the Father as his Son Jesus did.  These sons will go forth to the world from Zion and Jerusalem not as Baptist or Methodist or any of the denominational creature.  With their very powerful ministry these sons will be God’s means to fulfil many last day prophecies such as Ezekiel 37, the joining of the two sticks, Israel and Judah.  As a result of their ministry multitudes will be saved (Rom 11:26-27).  Because of their number these will accomplish the “greater things” that Jesus spoke of.

These sons are not going to fall out of the sky.  They must be made in the image and likeness of Christ.  We all must respond to be able to fulfill our calling, even those who are to be manifested sons.  We can’t respond to the calling of the Spirit if we are more interested in a 4000 sq ft house with a pool than we are of saying, “Hear am I Lord, send me”.  God has many prophecies yet to be fulfilled, great ministries to be done.  But this will not be done through “great” men of God, but by humble, obedient and faithful men of a great God who judge themselves and repent of the shortcomings in their life.  We must look at ourselves in these last days to which the message to Laodicea is written and have an ear to hear what the Spirit says to us.  We must see if Jesus still has “somewhat against” us or if we have received his rebuke and repented and therefore opened the door for him.

God was in his Son Jesus doing miracles, wonders and signs (Acts 2:22) and he will do so again in many sons bringing multitudes to his kingdom.  IF we respond we could be part of this great end time work.  It will be done, God has no other plan.


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