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   More than likely you will recognize these people for one thing they have in common.  Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Johnson, Ford, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Nixon, Stewarts, Windsors, Churchill, Hussein, Putin, Ramses, Nebuchadnezzar, Hitler, Faruk, Napoleon, Alexander, Cyrus, Gandhi, Augustus, Herod, De Gaulle, Mandela, Bolivar, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Nicholas, Khan, Nimrod, Saul.  These are Presidents, kings, pharaohs, tsars, dictators, world leaders.  But they have another thing in common as leaders over the kingdoms set up by men.

   We all need to learn, as Nebuchadnezzar did after being made to live 7 years as the beasts of the field, “till he learned that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will.”  (Dan 5:21).  In verse 17 of chapter 4 the scripture goes on to say, concerning the kingdom of men, that God “…setteth up over it the basest [lowest] of men.”  Have you ever wondered why one person becomes a world leader?  According to scripture it’s because God found them to be the basest of men.  But know this, not all that are over the kingdoms are in the headlines.  Many of these base people are not political leaders.  Some are the master manipulators of economy, education, law, religion, media and entertainment.  They make war and financial disasters for control and the perversion of God’s creation.


   In these days, world leaders (men of low estate), in order to fulfill God’s purpose are working to bring to pass one world government.  For God has foretold this to us in his scripture.  But some nations (kingdoms) are a hindrance to this end so they must be broken and melded into their master plan (not knowing that they are but pawns in God’s master plan).  ‘Globalization’ and ‘world economy’ are now key words in their plan.  Look how the world economy is being manipulated now.  These leaders are ushering in the one world government and it’s top  leader, the man of sin.

   Watch this all come to pass in the next few years.  Nations are being led headlong to a world controlled by one man and his cohorts.  It will all come to an end though when that ‘stone kingdom’ comes and breaks in pieces all other  kingdoms and where the King will reign for 1000 years before giving it all over to his Father.  Then will these ungodly men with their ungodly deeds in ruling over God’s creation meet their just end in the lake of fire.  There they will join their leader, the Prince of this world system, Satan.


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